Do You Have What It Takes to Get Unstuck this Winter?

Sand, salt, and cat litter will all provide great traction if you get stuck on the ice or in the snow and you need to get out. Bring a bag with you at all times when you drive in the winter and then generously pour it around your wheels when you need to get some traction.

Sand is a great tool to use, and it is fairly cheap. It may be more difficult to find than, say, cat litter which is in every grocery store. Cat litter can tend to get messy so make sure that you get the non-clumping kind. Salt will also work, but it will dissolve in temperatures above 12 degrees Fahrenheit so you may need to use a lot of it as it melts. You'll also need to wash your car since it can corrode your vehicle.

Comes see us here at Ganley Ford West Inc. to get winterized.
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