Meet the 2018 Ford F-150. Meet the Real McCoy of Trucks


What type of truck do you think Elijah McCoy would drive today if he were alive? Our bets are on the F-150. Mr. McCoy is famous for having invented a special oil-drip cup during the days when railways were beginning to beginning to boom. Railroad engineers liked McCoy's invention so much; they started using "The Real McCoy" as an idiomatic expression. Ever since the late 1870s, the phrase has come to mean "The Real Thing" or "The gold-standard."


Does that not describe the Ford F-150 perfectly? We certainly think it does. Though it may not be as old as Elijah would be today if he were alive, the Ford F-Series has been in production since 1948. Call it shameless self promotion on our part, being a Ford dealer and all, but we are pretty proud of the long production run the Ford F-150 pickup truck has enjoyed. We are even more proud that we get to sell the newest-generation 2018 F-150, which has many upgrades and improvements over the outgoing model, to our patrons in the Cleveland, Ohio area.


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You know now what differentiates the 2018 F-150 from the competition. A long heritage. But what about what makes it different from outgoing models? We don't want to give away the whole candy store. We'd prefer to let the F-150 do the talking. So come to Ganley West Ford today to take a peek at the 2018 F-150 for yourself.

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