What is the Focus RS 0-to-60 Time if You Drive Like a Normal Person?

The 2016 Ford Focus RS can streak its way off the drag strip in about 4.5 seconds, according to Ford—but that's under ideal conditions: sticky tires, dry tarmac, track-mode, launch-control, and a professional driver who knows precisely when to shift.

Edmunds Road Test Manager Jonathan Elfalan reviewed the acceleration of this hot hatch under more realistic conditions Cleveland drivers can anticipate.

Test 1: Normal mode, no launch control

  • 0-to-60: 5.9 seconds
  • Quarter mile: 14.3 seconds

Test 2: Sport mode, launch control

  • 0-to-60: 5.2 seconds
  • Quarter mile: 13.9 seconds

Test 3: Track mode, launch control

  • 0-to-60: 4.9 seconds
  • Quarter mile: 13.6 seconds

Most of the results are in line with what you would expect—launch control, combined with increasingly performance-tuned driving modes results in increasingly fast tract times. It's exciting to see that even well below the maximum possible performance, in day-to-day driving configurations, you'll still get fairly consistent acceleration in the 5-second range.

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