Check Engine Light's On? It's Time to Get Your Engine Checked.

For many car owners, the check engine light is something they brush off. It doesn't give much information besides its warning of general trouble, and actually figuring out what's wrong can require an inconvenient visit to the local mechanic.

While that thought process is understandable, ignoring the check engine light is one of the worst things you can do to the health of your car. Many of the issues that lead the light to warn you are minor; loose gas cap, bad spark plugs, faulty sensors. Ignoring these issues when they're small, however, can give them the room they need to grow into more expensive problems.

There's no need to panic when the check engine light turns on, but you shouldn't delay seeking the service your car needs. Get in touch with a service center like the one at Ganley Ford West in Cleveland, OH. Our helpful staff can figure out what's going on with your car, make the fixes its needs, and get you back on the road. The key is just remembering that inaction can exacerbate the problem, whatever it may be.

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