Do You Have What It Takes to Get Unstuck this Winter?

Sand, salt, and cat litter will all provide great traction if you get stuck on the ice or in the snow and you need to get out. Bring a bag with you at all times when you drive in the winter and then generously pour it around your wheels when you need to get some traction.

Sand is a great tool to use, and it is fairly cheap. It may be more difficult to find than, say, cat litter which is in every grocery store. Cat litter can tend to get messy so make sure that you get the non-clumping…
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Get Help From Ford with Keeping an Eye on the Blind Spot

The Ford Blind Spot Information System helps you to keep tabs on the blind spot while you are driving. The blind spot is the area behind and to either side of your vehicle where your side mirrors do not pick up the reflection of the other vehicle. The only way to see if there is anything there is to quickly glance back over your shoulder.

The Ford Blind Spot Information System uses sensors to detect if there are any vehicles in back of you within ten feet. If so, then the system activates warning lights that flash in your mirror…
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Live the Future with Ford SYNC 3

At our Ganley Ford West Inc. showroom, our team guides you on how SYNC 3 is moving with the world as far as technology is concerned. SYNC 3 has put technology at your hand's disposal and with just a push of a button.

If you are navigating around Cleveland, SYNC 3 will not only find locations for destinations like coffee shops, hotels, and ATM, it will never forget and reminds you in the future. The voice recognition helps you to focus on your driving without distraction. With the SYNC 3, you can now connect to your car using the…

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The Ford F-150 Is Not Just Another Truck

When people think of a truck they may think of one of the myriad of trucks on the road today. When they think of power in a truck, the Ford F-150 comes to mind first.

With the newer models, Ford has built a truck that weighs far less than the previous models, and others in its class. Yet, it rates as first in class in every other aspect: towing capacity, and a payload capacity to match. This is not just another truck. This is an F-150, and we invite you to investigate it at Ganley Ford West Inc. in Cleveland…

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2018 Ford Fiesta: All the Great Things Ford Has in Store

So, you really need a new car and it’s time to start looking? Are you someone who prefers a large car? Or, maybe you are a person who prefers something compact? But, what if you are the type of person who likes something in between?

The Ford Fiesta is a popular hatchback. It has a sporty look with sharp contours and precious lines. The smooth transitions from side to side give it a supremely sleek appeal. You can find a ton of space inside the trunk and plenty of gadgets to play with in the dash. It is a…
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Meet the 2018 Ford F-150. Meet the Real McCoy of Trucks


What type of truck do you think Elijah McCoy would drive today if he were alive? Our bets are on the F-150. Mr. McCoy is famous for having invented a special oil-drip cup during the days when railways were beginning to beginning to boom. Railroad engineers liked McCoy's invention so much; they started using "The Real McCoy" as an idiomatic expression. Ever since the late 1870s, the phrase has come to mean "The Real Thing" or "The gold-standard."

Does that not describe the Ford F-150 perfectly? We certainly think it does....

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What is the Focus RS 0-to-60 Time if You Drive Like a Normal Person?

The 2016 Ford Focus RS can streak its way off the drag strip in about 4.5 seconds, according to Ford—but that's under ideal conditions: sticky tires, dry tarmac, track-mode, launch-control, and a professional driver who knows precisely when to shift.

Edmunds Road Test Manager Jonathan Elfalan reviewed the acceleration of this hot hatch under more realistic conditions Cleveland drivers can anticipate.

Test 1: Normal mode, no launch control

  • 0-to-60: 5.9 seconds
  • Quarter mile: 14.3 seconds

Test 2: Sport mode, launch control

  • 0-to-60: 5.2 seconds
  • Quarter mile: 13.9 seconds

Test 3: Track...

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