Meet the 2018 Ford F-150. Meet the Real McCoy of Trucks


What type of truck do you think Elijah McCoy would drive today if he were alive? Our bets are on the F-150. Mr. McCoy is famous for having invented a special oil-drip cup during the days when railways were beginning to beginning to boom. Railroad engineers liked McCoy's invention so much; they started using "The Real McCoy" as an idiomatic expression. Ever since the late 1870s, the phrase has come to mean "The Real Thing" or "The gold-standard."

Does that not describe the Ford F-150 perfectly? We certainly think it does....

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What is the Focus RS 0-to-60 Time if You Drive Like a Normal Person?

The 2016 Ford Focus RS can streak its way off the drag strip in about 4.5 seconds, according to Ford—but that's under ideal conditions: sticky tires, dry tarmac, track-mode, launch-control, and a professional driver who knows precisely when to shift.

Edmunds Road Test Manager Jonathan Elfalan reviewed the acceleration of this hot hatch under more realistic conditions Cleveland drivers can anticipate.

Test 1: Normal mode, no launch control

  • 0-to-60: 5.9 seconds
  • Quarter mile: 14.3 seconds

Test 2: Sport mode, launch control

  • 0-to-60: 5.2 seconds
  • Quarter mile: 13.9 seconds

Test 3: Track...

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Car Seat Solutions in the 2017 Ford Escape

A lot of parents struggle with car seat installation. And while you can definitely blame car seats for a lot of that, cars themselves often don't help much. Tight interiors, poorly placed latches and tether anchors; many vehicles seem to treat car seats like a passing concern.

The 2017 Ford Escape, meanwhile, does these things right. Awarded a perfect score in car seat compatibility tests, the Escape delivers a spacious five-seat interior with plenty of space to pack in your car seat of choice.

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It's Legal to Go Without a Seatbelt in the Back Seat in Cleveland... But Should You?

Most of us always clip our seatbelts when we drive, or when we ride shotgun. It's much safer that way, and we all understand the danger of being ejected through the windshield in a crash. But according to a new IIHS survey of 1,172 Americans, many of us don't think it's necessary to buckle up in the back seat.

Why do rear passengers choose not to wear seatbelts?

Forty percent of survey respondents say it's because the practice is not required by law in many states. In Ohio, backseat occupants are exempt from wearing seatbelts…

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Ford Envisions a More Sustainable Future Using Bamboo

With increasing discussions on the importance of facilitating a more sustainable future, it is only natural that Ford would respond by taking a more eco-conscious business approach. One way in which it plans to maintain an environmentally-friendly outlook is by implementing renewably resources into its work. An example of such a resource is bamboo.

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2017 Ford Explorer Receives Rave Review from MotorWeek

Might you be in the market for a full-size SUV? Well, if so, we here at Ganley Ford West Inc. are wholly convinced you'll find a great deal to appreciate about ours, the 2017 Explorer.

"Such as what?" you wonder.

Allow the vehicular gurus at MotorWeek to explain; their critique of the Explorer is as follows:

Easily one of our favorites across the Explorer fleet, its mid-level engine -- a turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder -- promises to be a popular pick.

Coupling with a six-speed automatic transmission, the turbo-four pushes out a peppy 280 horsepower and 310 pound-feet of torque.

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Follow These Summer Road Trip Safety Tips

One of the things you should be working on as you pack for that long road trip is preparing your vehicle so the trip is as safe as possible. Today we go though a simple road trip safety checklist that will make short work of this bit of business:

Bring along a large powerful flashlight and plenty of new batteries in case the car breaks down at night.

Make sure you pack some road flares or safety triangles to alert other drivers that you are on the side of the roadway.

Bring along a tire gauge and check the pressure…
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